Amazing guests at the Mexico Spanish Immersion

It’s exciting when two of the season’s bestselling authors spend an entire week in one of our Mexico Spanish Immersions. It’s even more thrilling when you see their work on every bookstand at the Miami Airport.

Rachel Hollis is a successful blogger, speaker, and author. Her first self-help book, Girl, Wash Your Face, maintained a spot in the top 10 bestselling books in the country for seven months. And now she recently released her follow up book Girl, Stop Apologizing, which is doing equally well.

Fiona Davis is a national bestselling author of historical novels set in iconic New York City buildings: The Dollhouse, The Address, The Masterpiece, The Chelsea Girls and, her latest novel, The Lions of Fifth Avenue.

Both Rachel and Fiona came to the Fluenz Spanish Immersion in Mexico City last spring, busy as they were.

It was inspiring to see two of America’s most successful writers working on their Spanish and connecting with us through language, yoga and food.

At Fluenz, we applaud their success!