Why come to Mexico City for a Fluenz Spanish Immersion?

Some people wonder why they should come all the way to Mexico City for a Fluenz Spanish Immersion. The answer is simple. Aside from participating in the most intense one-on-one Spanish coaching program anywhere, they have the chance to visit one of the most exciting spots on the planet.

Mexico City is the fifth largest city in the world now, behind Tokyo, Delhi, Shanghai and São Paulo. That’s a big deal. It’s a large, vibrant place with much to see. Its historic past is everywhere you turn: in remarkable ancient buildings and 16th century colonial buildings, and inside fantastic museums. You can appreciate stunning art everywhere you go, and modern skyscrapers are all around. You have great transportation, wonderful food and friendly people. 

You can’t ask for more. That’s why we insist you come learn Spanish in the best program, in the best city. The Fluenz Spanish Immersion awaits you!