Connecting language and yoga: a key element at our Fluenz Spanish Immersions

When you combine yoga and language, you connect the mind and the body. Yoga helps us free and shape our minds, allowing us to internalize what we’re learning and helping us on the road to fluency.

Our Fluenz Spanish Immersions are all about connecting—with your true self, with others, with the language. We want everyone to have a smooth and rewarding experience.

As Adriene Mishler said: ‘Learning a language and yoga revolve around the same mission. With both, you end up having an incredible personal journey within the learning process’.

“Learning Spanish feels very kindred with yoga in that way, because it’s about getting to know yourself and your heritage, and connect people who wouldn’t otherwise come together. We’re all entitled to that journey of learning about our heritage, and our true selves.”

Come join us at our Fluenz Spanish Immersions.