Fluenz Spanish Immersion in the Boston Globe

When a veteran travel reporter comes to our  Spanish Immersions and spends an entire week learning Spanish and sharing the experience with all other participants, she can really see what the Fluenz week is all about.  Necee Regis spent seven days in Mexico City last Spring. Like many of our participants, she came knowing no Spanish but full of enthusiasm and curiosity for learning the language. She had her intense one-on-one sessions, her small group sessions, had lunch and breakfast with everyone at the Fluenz mansion, heard our great speakers explore the depths of Mexican art and history, ate at Pujol’s chef’s table, had a chance to visit the neighborhood of the movie Roma with a great Mexican-Argentinian actress, went for an exclusive, after-hours visit to the Museum of Anthropology, among the many things that happened in just one week. She wrote a great piece on the experience for the Robb Report, and a few weeks ago mentioned the program in her column at the Boston Globe. We couldn’t agree more with her mention. If you want to kick your Spanish to the next gear, the Fluenz Immersion is very much worth exploring. ⁠