The Fluenz Spanish Immersion philosophy: for true learning, you need great teachers

What makes us the best Spanish program in the world? Easy. At Fluenz, we’ve created a personalized, high-impact training program to create breakthroughs for the Spanish of our clients. However, part of the success of our Spanish Immersions is due to the talented individuals that love teaching and understand the workings of Spanish like no one else. 

It’s impossible to learn a language by playing a game. While we wish things were that simple, the complexity and subtlety of something like the verb “to be” in Spanish, or agreements for genders and plurals, require great explanations. No quick App can ever make sense of the beauty of Spanish. 

For true learning, only a great teacher will do. Someone who challenges, inspires, and motivates the learner in their journey through the language. It’s our specialty at the Fluenz Spanish Immersions, and the reason we have a unique group of people on our team.