Fluenz Spanish Immersions: transforming lives

It might be that you want to salvage what’s left of all those years of high school and college Spanish or that you’ve been diligently learning Spanish and want to reach your next level. Regardless of why you’ve come to our Fluenz Spanish Immersion, you and all of our participants will have one thing in common after completing our program: progress. Our goal is fluency, and even if you’re not there by week’s end, you’ll undoubtedly be amazed at your transformation.

Learning Spanish at one of our Fluenz Immersions could be the most transformative thing you do right now. Imagine the smiles after you start having real conversations, saying meaningful things and understanding the nuances of the language.

Now imagine doing this while sitting in a room in our beautiful mansion in Polanco. Sound inviting? Then come experience the transformation at the best Spanish Immersion anywhere.