Forbes: “The Fluenz Spanish Immersion is unrivaled in the world of language education”

Every journalist that has come to our Spanish Immersions in Mexico City has left impressed, and we feel honored when they write about how amazing their Fluenz journey was.

Taylor Boozan wanted to ‘salvage what was left of her hard-earned second language education, so she decided to test our program, which guarantees transformation’.

Her love for travel, coupled with her desire to regain her Spanish fluency, resulted in an amazing experience and a great chronicle. As she so clearly put it: ‘it’s an unrivaled program in the world of language education (…) a deluxe, localized cultural experience’.

If you’re serious about transforming your Spanish, take the time to read about our Fluenz Spanish Immersions. This article has it all: detailed information, testimonials and an interview with the founders.