Magical Guatemala: where our Fluenz Spanish Immersions started

Every journey has a starting point; ours was a world-famous colonial city, where each day became a magical experience.

We had the privilege of hosting our first Fluenz Spanish Immersion in Antigua, Guatemala. Waking up to the Agua Volcano as we got ready for yoga and then had breakfast, was an unbelievable treat. The city’s cobbled streets and Spanish Baroque-influenced architecture were part of our everyday adventures. Not to mention the incredible food!

Antigua, culturally rich and dotted with more than 30 colonial churches, was granted UNESCO World Heritage status in 1979. For this and for so many more reasons, our week turned out to be pretty spectacular.

Those who joined our first Fluenz Spanish Immersion loved it. Those who missed us are eagerly waiting for our Oaxaca program. We know it’s going to be amazing. So come learn Spanish with us; we guarantee it’s the best Spanish course of its kind.