Nurturing the body and the mind at our Spanish Immersions

The Spanish Immersion and good food go hand in hand. It’s important that our participants experience the pleasure of a great meal before and after working hard on their Spanish. And because we pride ourselves on being a unique and transformational program, our meals have to be equally stellar. 

We talk about how learning Spanish is about piecing a puzzle in our minds and putting together sequences. But nurturing the body gives us some of the fuel to make the mind go round. At Fluenz we know that everything matters, every component fits like a well-oiled machine, so no detail must go unnoticed. That’s why our private chef is so important.  

The Fluenz Immersion includes seven breakfasts and five lunches made with local ingredients and health in mind (vegetarian, pescatarian, and vegan options available). Our chef offers her unique interpretation of Mexican comfort food at breakfast and lunch.

If you want a world-class linguistic model, with the best tutors and incredible food, come join us when we start up again! Write us for more info at: