Oaxaca, here we come! Our newest Fluenz Spanish Immersion

The Fluenz Spanish Immersions just got more exhilarating. We have a new program in a new city: Oaxaca, one of Mexico’s most culturally rich and diverse regions.

Here’s your chance to master your Spanish in an amazing setting. With its impressive art scene, exciting  regional cuisine and stunning architecture, Oaxaca is ideal for our six-day curated experience. You’ll learn Spanish in the best program, while taking a journey through the textiles, mezcals, and ceramics of the city.

Some of the highlights include staying at one of the city’s most enchanting boutique hotels and spending an evening at the chef’s table of Enrique Olvera’s Criollo restaurant.

Nothing beats learning Spanish in a scenic spot like this one. Our first 2020 Oaxaca Spanish Immersion starts in just a few months, and we can’t wait to get going.

This promises to be one of Fluenz’s most exclusive Spanish Immersions!