Mexico City Architecture at the Immersion

One of our favorite offsite visits at the Immersion is Luis Barragon’s studio house.

“I don’t divide landscape, architecture and gardening. To me they are one.⁣” ⁣⁠—Luis Barragán ⁣⁠

This place is magic. We love taking our Spanish Immersion participants to see it. Barragán skillfully fused philosophy, art, and tradition into his masterpiece, his home. We delight in guiding our friends and students in its direction; one of the most visited sites in Mexico City still today. Casa Luis Barragán, built in 1948, was deemed an official UNESCO site and included in their World Heritage List for many reasons. The only property in Latin America honored with the title, revered by architects, cherished by the art world and respected by locals, Casa Luis Barragán is a revelation best seen in person.⁠ Join us at a Spanish Immersion soon and see it for yourself.