Our online Spanish Immersion: same outstanding program from the comfort of your home

Special times call for special measures. At Fluenz, we’ve adapted. Since we’re not ready to reopen in Mexico or Spain just yet, we’ve created something very special: the Fluenz Spanish Immersion online. Our acclaimed one-on-one program is now available from the comfort of your home or office, and you can go at your own pace.

Imagine having the best Spanish tutor with a customized program to transform your fluency.  Our Spanish Immersion online follows the same rigorous methodology and and is supervised in real time to get you to the level of fluency you’re striving for.

Are you ready to try out the most intensive online Spanish tutor in the world? Our only goal is to focus on your progress, so think about it, this could be your chance to transform your Spanish! For more info, our brochure, and to sign up, click on this link.