Pabellón Criollo at the Spanish Immersion

Mexican cuisine is undeniably tied to its history and its culture, and it’s at the core of everyday life. When we chose Mexico City for our first Spanish Immersion, we knew that food would be an important part of our Fluenz program. That’s why we were set on having amazing meals, delivered by our very own private chef. 

From a unique interpretation of comfort food at breakfast and lunch—made with local ingredients and health in mind—to hosting a dinner at one of Mexico’s top restaurants, we are serious about our nutrition. And we love to to mix it up. So maybe one day after an entire morning of Spanish you’ll be pleasantly surprised by a delicious Pabellón Criollo, which is a traditional Venezuelan dish consisting of sweet, caramelized plantains, shredded beef, and flavorful black beans. 

Sound good? Come join us for a week of great Spanish, with excellent instructors, a world-class linguistic model and impeccable food. You deserve it, so write us at