It’s all about the setting at the Fluenz Spanish Immersion

When we decided to reinvent the language immersion, we knew it had to be done right. Instead of the old boring Spanish class, we created a six-day transformation; a transformation that you won’t find anywhere else, because to create something exceptional, you have to focus on the details. And that’s exactly what we did.  

One of the things that sets the Fluenz Spanish Immersion apart is the setting. We run the most amazing immersions in Mexico because our mansions in Mexico City and Oaxaca have no equal. They’re cozy, intimate, and carefully curated with beautiful local art. It’s like learning Spanish while on a luxurious vacation.

Imagine spending the afternoon in a sunny garden with nothing but Spanish to think about, right before a seven-course meal at North America’s best restaurant. Nothing beats that!

Interested? Come and see for yourself. We guarantee the Fluenz Spanish Immersion won’t disappoint.