The Spanish Immersion takes a stroll around the Roma neighborhood

Learning Spanish is both enjoyable and rewarding. However, when you come to learn Spanish at the Fluenz Immersion—in a vibrant setting like Mexico City—it becomes an adventure. Every day is an opportunity to fine-tune your skills. Starting with our one-on-one Spanish coaching program, you can also visit every nook and cranny of this city and, while you’re at it, soak up some of the culture.

Mexico City has many wildly diverse neighborhoods that are worth exploring, but La Roma is particularly special. Now famous for inspiring Alfonso Cuarón’s movie “Roma”, this trendy area has always been known for its bohemian vibe. Tree-lined avenues are host to many of the city’s busiest locales, including hip restaurants, galleries, and bookstores, and taking a stroll here is a sightseeing activity in itself. When you join us for the Fluenz Spanish Immersion, you too can come explore the history behind the edgy and lively Roma.