Summer in Mexico City: the best time for a Spanish Immersion

There are no bad times to travel to Mexico City. Every season offers something different in terms of weather, holidays and food. But summer is definitely the perfect time to learn Spanish and dive into the mysteries of this intense capital. Imagine your time at the Fluenz Spanish Immersion with beautifully cool weather; it’s ideal for outside classes, yoga, and offsite visits to museums, landmarks and local restaurants. 

Yes. It does rain during the summer. However, this is one of the finest times of the year to experience Mexico. The showers help clear the soiled and stale air that accumulates around the the city and they’re a general refresher for the environment. We definitely love this time of year.

So, if you don’t have any plans for summer, plan on learning Spanish in one of the best programs you’ll ever find. We’re waiting for you at the Fluenz Spanish Immersions!