Top guest speakers at the Fluenz Spanish Immersion

Our Fluenz Spanish Immersion is a six-day transformation that goes beyond language. It’s not only a custom-made Spanish program, it also includes great food, yoga sessions and exclusive talks by some of Mexico’s leading literary and cultural figures, catered with top wines, a mezcal tasting, and finger food.

One of those figures is Adrian Pascoe, one of Mexico’s young political insiders. At every Spanish Immersion he explains the history of the current President’s movement. 

He’s a brilliant storyteller, philosopher, and playwright whose pieces have been performed all over Latin America and the world. But what he does best at our Fluenz Immersions is deconstruct layers of the complex history of Mexico while providing our participants with the opportunity to hear and understand native Spanish, in an accessible way.

This is one of our favorite events because it’s a beautiful opportunity to learn about Mexico’s rich culture in a meaningful way. It’s amazing how we always learn something new.

If you join a Spanish Immersion now, you too can learn Spanish and enjoy a vibrant evening with one of our favorite speakers.