Violet Spring in Mexico! The best time for a Fluenz Spanish Immersion

Everyone has their own version of “the best time” to visit Mexico. Some like the summer because of the nice cool weather, yet others prefer spring because it’s when the Jacaranda trees blossom and paint the city violet. We love both seasons, but there’s no denying that learning Spanish at our Fluenz Immersion can be much more inspiring while surrounded by purple clouds.

Originally from South America, these trees are known for their colorful tops, and throughout the years have become part of the city’s culture—many establishments and streets have been named after them.  Jacaranda trees are spread out across the whole city and they’re a beautiful spectacle to witness.

Take our word for it, springtime is ideal for learning Spanish and enjoying one of the season’s most beautiful gifts. Imagine spending the afternoon wandering around Polanco amidst an explosion of color. Nothing can beat that. Come join our Fluenz Spanish Immersion this March and revel in the wonders of language and nature.