Visiting mezcal country as part of our Oaxaca Spanish Immersions

Getting ready for our Oaxaca Spanish Immersions in April means we have to figure out which places we’re going to visit as part of the program. So a few weeks ago we traveled deep into the Oaxaca mountains to learn more about the mezcal routes.

Our Fluenz team went to the Sierra Sur to find connections between language, culture, geography, agriculture, and spirits. The Zapotec-speaking area where the agave plant has been treasured for more than a thousand years is a place of breathtaking beauty. It’s where mezcal is still made following traditions passed from generation to generation. 

We visited Palenques, which are traditional outdoor distilleries, and decided that our Fluenz Spanish Immersions had to experience this incredible journey. We will give all our Oaxaca participants the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon in this corner of the world, where things are still made the right way. 

If you want a chance to be part of the best Spanish program in the world, in the heart of Oaxaca, come join us this April. We’re waiting for you!